Jordi Coscolla

Jordi Coscolla

FullStack Lead developer

Barcelona, Spain, ES, 08034
Spanish, English




Played the role of Tech Lead during last 3 years, bringing technical excelence while balancing business objectives. Creating environments that allow engineers thrive at work.
I consider myself a fullstack engineer, touched all kind of technologies, from obscure blockchain that facebook bought, to react-native apps, to normal SPA pages and of course multiple APIS. (React, Vue, TS, Spring boot, terrafor, python etc...)

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Tech Lead / Engineering Manager, ThoughtWorks - HolaLuz

    Jan, 2021 - Apr, 20221 year 3 months

    Team responsable for the customer experience in quota products

    • Maintain consumption prediction service

    • Help with legal changes in last year in electricity sector

    • Build consumption dashboard

  • Tech Lead, ThoughtWorks - BestSecret

    Sep, 2020 - Jan, 20214 months

    Couch BestSecret engineering teams to get to the next level

    • Help the teams to understand the value of practices as TDD or CD

    • Couch the leads of the team on how to influence the product side of the company, and improve the communication, expectations etc...

    • Bring psychological safety to the team, to raise the deep issues they were dragging

    • Help with the long term architectural vision

  • Tech Lead, ThoughtWorks - Marketplace in Germany

    Apr, 2018 - Aug, 20202 years 4 months

    Technical responsable for the Ingestion of items to sell

    • None premium sellers, had to use a SPA to upload their sell items

    • Migrated the system that was driving most of the revenues from on-promise to the cloud

    • Build solutions to have 360 images in the marketplace

  • Senior DeveloperThoughtWorks - Decode

    Oct, 2017 - Apr, 20186 months

    EU project bringin back ownership of the data to people

    • We build a mobile app (ReactNative with Expo) to help Barcelona Decidim, make voting sessions.

    • Technology behind was a blockchain provided by UCL, and homomorphic encryption smart contracts to ensure nobody could vote twice

  • Senior DeveloperThoughtWorks - Idneo

    Oct, 2017 - Apr, 20186 months

    We were on charge for building a quality pipeline for the firmware that was deployed to cars.

    • Building CI/CD pipelines for firmware

    • Mentoring why automatic pipelines are important and show how to build them

  • Mobile App LeaderUserzoom

    Feb, 2011 - Oct, 20176 years 8 months

    Build an UX app that enable our customers to understand how the users use their apps/websites in a mobile phone.

    • Build app that tracked touches of a webview, camera and recorded the audio (for iOS/Android)

    • Some of the clients were Google, Paypal, Amazon ...

  • Mobile App DeveloperForceManager

    Jan, 2009 - Feb, 20112 years 1 month

    Build a CRM in a mobile app for Android and part of the backend

  • Developer, MapGenia

    Apr, 2005 - Feb, 20115 years 10 months

    Build dashboards for the pharma industry with Flash and Flex



  • Frontend




    Micro frontends


  • Backend




    Python for data

  • Infrastructure




    Github Actions


  • Dev Practices

    CI / CD

    Infrastructure as Code


    Pushing left security

  • Soft Skils



    Active Listening

    Build high performing teams




  • Computer Science, Master, UPC - FIB

    Sep, 2004 - Jun, 2009